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Application Installer

Each of our web hosting packages features a charge-free, Hepsia hosting Control Panel-integrated, one-click Application Installer tool, which you can use to activate many popular web apps. It is very easy to use - you can set up your weblog, Internet forum, CMS-powered site, photo gallery or Internet shop with just 1 mouse click and you don't have to possess any web design know-how.

The charge-free single-click PHP application installation tool can save you not only time, but also money. Employing a webmaster to install a popular web app for you will cost you cash. With us, you can install as many scripts as you wish without investing a single penny.




The world's most popular blogging software comes pre-activated and pre-configured with each web hosting package.



An innovative tool for setting up e-stores, with over two hundred and seventy five useful in-built features.



Turn-key shopping cart. With multiple web designs at your disposal, you can swiftly launch your online store.



A functionality-rich open-source content management application with a focus on aesthetics and usability.



A popular Content Management System app with lots of add-ons, and a very active community.



A free-of-cost web application, excellent for pedagogues. It allows anyone to set up an online teaching site.



A powerful CRM software app, which can help you boost your sales and expand your business.



The most popular web app for administering real estate sites, backed by a large and active user community.